Honeynet Project – UNAM-Chapter

Who we are?

The UNAM Honeynet Project is a non-profit security researchers group, dedicated to the security and honeypot research that belongs to the UNAM’s Computer Emergency Response Team (UNAM-CERT).

How long our honeypots have been deployed?

We have been working since 2002 with honeypot technology within our university network, since then we have studied the tactics and motives of the Black Hat community involved in security incidents within our network, letting us have an addtional way to monitor our network, being an irreplaceable resource in our dialy academic and research activities.


  • Do a pro-active approach to computer security that let us to identify new attack trends and share this knowledge with the community.
  • Spread the knowledge, and the advantages of holding or participating with a great effort like the Honeynet Project.
  • Identify, analize and learn from attacks, tools and new activity captured by the UNAM Honeynet Project sensors.
  • Provide training to Mexican organizations being interested in the way they could improve the security on their sites against cyberattacks.
  • Share our knownledge and findings by means of a training program for students in Mexico, in order to promote the use of this technology to face the lack of information about new real-world attacks.
  • Do a practical approach in the incident handling task managed by the UNAM-CERT within the University.
  • Stimulate the Honeypot research within our university to improve the tools and tactics used not only by us but also by other security teams.